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“How we treat our land, how we build upon it, how we act toward our air and water, in the long run, will tell what kind of people we really are”

Laurance S. Rockefeller

In this day and age, all great causes need great support… it is a fact that funds are needed to achieve goals. AfriCat is no different! 

Donations are what keep our programmes, our community outreach and research initiatives going, especially those which are of an ‘ongoing’ nature.

The surrounding lands to the Okonjima Nature Reserve would, historically, have been home to some of Africa’s finest wildlife, whereas today it is farmland. It is here that an ongoing battle for survival is raging – both within the farming community, and within the community of wildlife. Both feel the heat of encroachment, and both take instinctive action to solve their immediate problems. Death and destruction results.   

A negative cycle.


Learn more about our projects and ways in which you can help us make a difference for the carnivores of Namibia. AfriCat undertakes the responsibility of various projects ranging from environmental education, research, rehabilitation as well as community support and human wildlife conflict mitigation…

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Truly great projects need great sponsorship! Realising the importance of AfriCat’s projects, sponsorship is what keeps this Foundation alive, and support on an on-going basis is what is considered by many to be the most effective way of helping a foundation achieve good work.

Namibia Collection

In collaboration with AfriCat from Namibia, we support the preservation of the African big cats and with this initiative will donate 50% of the proceeds from your shopping cart. We want to give AfriCat the opportunity to continue their vital work for the Namibian big cat population, so that we can always appreciate nature and all its wonders…

In Kooperation mit AfriCat aus Namibia supporten wir den Erhalt afrikanischer Großkatzen und spenden 50% des Erlöses deines Warenkorbs. Wir wollen AfriCat die Möglichkeit bieten, sich weiter für die Population der Raubkatzen einzusetzen, damit wir auch künftig immer wieder die Wunder der Natur kennenlernen dürfen…

This conflict between man and the wilderness is all too familiar to the AfriCat Foundation. Predator problems on communal and free-hold farmland along the Western, Northern and Southern boundaries of the Etosha National Park, and on farmland in Central Namibia are central to the work of our conservation organization.

Today, we believe that there are many farmers, especially of the younger generation, who are trying to keep head above water, with dreams and hopes of making a living on communal farmland and educating their children. Some have set their minds on taking the lead in their communities, to improve on their livestock farming and management methods, and accept the fact that they are sharing habitat with wildlife.

An increasing number believe that wildlife has a central role to play in uplifting their lives through tourism, which is another gateway to educate.

AfriCat’s committed Field Officers, and Lion Guards in the north, are tasked with making this ‘co-existence’ work, and they spend most of their days and nights, patrolling and trying to convince their counterparts and elders, to change from traditional farming methods and adopt innovative new ones.The potential for community involvement, alongside education, is huge. And vital.

It is only by convincing the local farming community that their farming life, livestock health, and productivity will be enhanced by espousing different farming strategies, that any progress will be made for the wildlife to exist without danger.

Only when livestock levels are stabilised, predator problems are reduced to a minimum, and farmers see the advantage of adopting different farming methods, the carnivores will be free from being shot, poisoned and trapped.

This constant educational process, and community support, requires patience, diligence and commitment. Which means TIME.

And, as we all know, TIME is MONEY!

We invite YOU to help us with that… with reliable and consistent funding, AfriCat will be able to continue to be centrally involved in projects of innovation, of education, of community support, of stock management, mitigating human-wildlife conflict and researching carnivore habits which impact human existence. Our aim in all of these projects is to establish a symbiosis between Man and Wildlife, such that each party can exist in harmony with each other, allowing each to thrive in its own way.

Only then, can our free-ranging Namibian Lion, Cheetah, Wild Dog, Leopard and Hyaena be free from persecution, free from threat of decimation, and be free to live to live as they have done for time immemorial. As for all great causes, we need the commitment of many, and we need the funding to make a difference… “to tell what kind of people we really are”.

In the words of Kofi Annan,

“If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever.” 

We sincerely hope that YOU will support AfriCat, and join our family, in its’ pledge to fight for the conservation of the Namibian Lion, Cheetah, Wild Dog and Leopard!