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The AfriCat Foundation

Founded in 1991, The AfriCat Foundation is committed to the long-term conservation and survival of Namibia’s Large Carnivores in their natural habitat

Our mission is to make a significant contribution to Conservation Through Education.

Bridging Letter

AfriCat North, must now grow further and become self-sustaining, generating funds from its own activities to support lion conservation and the communities living within the Kunene’s lion range.

In order to do this, AfriCat North must now boldly set out with renewed energy and commitment as the Namibian Lion Trust, with our slogan FOR LIONS, FOR LIFE and FOR OUR FUTURE, dedicated to Panthera leo.

The Namibian Lion Trust will embark on its chosen path with imagination, creativity and determination for it is without question, essential that AfriCat North’s work must continue.

There will always be a challenge but this stand-alone position will have a number of long-term benefits, not least to free up the organisation from its close association with the highly successful, revenue-generating tourist business that is Okonjima, ‘Home of the AfriCat Foundation’.

The Namibia Lion Trust needs your help now, more than ever. Many of you have been there for the African lion in the past, but the future is here, today. None of us wish to have the “King of the Jungle” condemned to history.

The time to strike is now… Help us ‘Protect our Pride


Learn more about our projects and ways in which you can help us make a difference for the carnivores of Namibia. AfriCat undertakes the responsibility of various projects ranging from environmental education to research.


In this day and age, all great causes need great support… it is a fact that funds are needed to achieve goals. AfriCat is no different! Donations are what keep our programmes going… 

Latest News

Our researchers are working passionately to produce interesting articles on our current research projects. Subscribe to our newsletters to receive the latest news releases.

Conservation News

AfriCat Pangolin Project Update

Little is known about the reproduction and life cycle of the ground pangolin (Smutsia temminckii). The research that has been done, originates mainly from South Africa and is based on limited observations…

Follow the link to read all about our latest research findings…

During the second half of 2018, the first ever brown hyaena population survey was conducted across Okonjima. Using 40 camera traps placed mainly at latrines, predictable areas of brown hyaena activity, individual hyaenas were identified using the unique front leg stripe patterns over an 80-day survey period.

Follow the link to read all about our latest research findings…

During the last year the leopard research on Okonjima has focused on monitoring the existing leopard population to gain a detailed understanding of the spatial and behavioral ecology of leopards living in an enclosed reserve via the use of VHF collars and camera traps. – Dr Jenny Noak

Follow the link to read all about our latest research findings…

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