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Why CYMOT Supports AfriCat

“Ever since Greensport was born in 1991, it had committed to conservation and support towards various institutions of wildlife conservation. AfriCat and it’s unique programmes of various conservation projects, including the Rehabilitation of endangered species, Environmental Education and Mitigating the ever-present Human-Wildlife Conflict, creates a deep feeling of appreciation amongst our management members. It is therefore a logical conclusion that Greensport is proud to be associated with a determined and professional team of Namibian conservationists at AfriCat.”

Since the company’s humble beginnings as a battery depot in Promenaden Road in Windhoek, CYMOT has grown into a major Namibian organisation with eleven branches in Namibia. The name CYMOT was derived from its main trading activities being Cycle and Motor spares.

Motor spares for all passenger cars and light trucks continue to be part of the company’s main business activities.

Axel Theissen, the Managing Director of CYMOT states: “Even though CYMOT has grown significantly during the last decade, we continue to stay very close to our market. The Namibian market values superior service and our long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers provide the sound platform for future growth and success. Inherent in the CYMOT business fundamentals is the strong team spirit of the CYMOT management team and all employees, which I am very grateful about!”