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Sponsor a Leopard


Part of AfriCat’s mission is to protect and conserve the adaptable, skillful, intelligent and elusive Leopard – and now YOU can be part of this hugely important work!

Wherever you are, you can join us in trying to protect this incredible creature from extinction.

If, like us, you feel that wild animals are just as important to our world as us humans, and you feel that it is our responsibility to take action to ensure that we protect all of it, we invite you to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

By sponsoring one of our beautiful Leopard, you will be helping fund our essential Leopard-density research in the Okonjima Nature Reserve, our oh-so-important environmental educational programmes, our stock and park-management initiatives with local farmers, and all the vital elements that go into helping these Leopard survive – EVERY PENNY COUNTS – and now YOU are on that front line too!


Sponsor one of our wild, free-roaming Leopard, and the certificates you receive, make wonderful gifts for Birthdays or Festivals, Graduation gifts, Mothers’ & Fathers’ Day!

When you Sponsor a Leopard you’ll become one of the AfriCat Family members and you will get:

  • Regular AfriCat updates on our fb, Instagram or twitter page, reminding you of the cause you support
  • Photos of your magnificent Leopard
  • A personalized certificate of the Leopard you are supporting

You can choose to either adopt leopard that is living a wild life in the 200 km2Okonjima Nature Reserve or one of our three ambassador Leopard at AfriCat’s Carnivore Care Centre.

All Leopards that are occurring in the Okonjima Nature Reserve are wild. An ongoing research project is observing and monitoring the long-term dynamics in the composition of the resident leopard population by means of remote camera traps and the application of VHF collars. Based on camera trap data, Okonjima’s leopard-density ranges between 17 and 20 individuals/100km2

All of our Leopard need YOUR help! Please help us to help them!



Some interesting facts to help crystalize why their place in the world is so remarkable, and why their survival is imperative:

  • Leopard are the most elusive and secretive of the large felids.
  • The spots of a Leopard are called rosettes. 
  • They are able to adapt to a variety of different habitats which allows them to survive in various different geographic regions of the world.
  • Leopard are opportunistic hunters. Their broad spectrum of diet includes numerous species of different sizes and ranges from large antelope like kudu and oryx to small mammals like hares and even birds.
  • Well camouflaged, the leopard is master of disguise. Leopard are either stalking their prey or ambush it while its moving closer before it dashes forward to take down its victim with a bite to the throat or neck.
  • Leopard are strong and powerful and are able to take prey twice their body weight vertically up into a tree to protect it from scavenging predators.
  • Female Leopard give birth to one to three cubs at any time of the year and wean their offspring at the age of two years.
  • Unless a female is accompanied by dependent offspring, Leopards are usually solitary and actively defend territories which are marked by scent marks.
  • Like most felids, leopards are nocturnal and spend most time of the day resting and dozing in the shade.
  • Leopards are classified as vulnerable by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Large portions of their historic range have been extirpated.
  • Continued persecution, habitat fragmentation, illegal wildlife trade and trophy hunting have led to the dramatic reduction of the leopard population.


The elusive, spotted cat needs your help!! Help us to tackle the problems they face…

Sponsorship/Adoption Fee


Adopt one fo our Leopards for 1 year: N$ 3,500 / U$ 350 / £ 219 / € 269

The adoption fee covers the cost of medical bills, fuel and car maintenance for regular monitoring, meat for those that are struggling in the beginning of the rehabilitation stage, maintaining the roads, bush-clearing and general maintenance of the Park which is partly sponsored by AfriCat.

Remember, when you Sponsor a Leopard you will receive: 

  • Photos of your Leopard
  • A personalized certificate of the Leopard you are supporting
  • Regular AfriCat updates via fb, Instagram and Twitter, reminding you of the important cause you support 

The perfect  SAAAWWING Gift, and the PURRRFECT reason!

Feel good that you have not only celebrated with someone, but you have also put your money where your Y is.



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