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Sponsor a Brown Hyaena

Sponsor-A-Brown Hyaena!! MAKE A DIFFERENCE

Part of AfriCat’s mission is to protect and conserve the remarkable and mysterious Brown hyaenaand now YOU can be part of this hugely important work!

Wherever you are, you can join us in trying to protect this mysterious and incredible creature from extinction.

If, like us, you feel that wild animals are just as important to our world as us humans, and you feel that it is our responsibility to take action to ensure that we protect all of it, we invite you to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

By sponsoring one of our remarkable Brown hyaena, you will be helping fund our essential research focusing on managing this species within enclosed, protected areas and our oh-so-important environmental educational programmes, our stock and park-management initiatives with local farmers, and all the vital elements that go into helping these Brown hyaena survive – EVERY PENNY COUNTS – and now YOU are on that front line too!

A perfect HOWWWLING Gift

Sponsor one of our free-roaming Brown hyaena, and the certificates you receive, make wonderful gifts for Birthdays or Festivals, Graduation gifts, Mothers’ & Fathers’ Day!

When you Sponsor a Brown Hyaena you’ll become one of the AfriCat Family members and you will get:

  • Regular AfriCat updates on our fb, Instagram or twitter page, reminding you of the cause you support
  • Photos of your magnificent Brown hyaena
  • A personalized certificate of the Brown hyaena you are supporting

The Brown hyaena population within the Okonjima Nature Reserve are a naturally occurring population, and are the focus of a large-scale study aimed at gaining a better understanding of their ecology within a fenced protected area.  The results of this study will be used to guide management practices for protected areas across southern Africa.  As part of this study, a number of adult Brown hyaena have been GPS collared, which, along with the 40 camera traps set-up across the reserve, are giving us a unique insight into the secret world of this shy and elusive species.

All of our Brown hyaena need YOUR help! Please help us to help them!


Some fascinating facts to help crystalize why their place in the world is so important, and why their survival is imperative:

  • There are four members of the hyena family; spotted, brown and striped hyaena and the aardwolf.
  • Brown hyaena are social animals, living in groups called clans. The den is the social meeting point for the clan.
  • Brown hyaena are scavengers; their hunting success has been estimated at just 6%.
  • The hair of a brown hyena can grow to 25cm in length and can be erected to make the animal look bigger.
  • Olfactory communication is hugely important in Brown hyaena society, they are the only hyena species to make two distinct types of anal gland secretions.
  • The gestation period is three months and between one and three cubs are born in a natal den away from the rest of the clan.
  • At three months old the cubs are brought to the communal den and all clan members carry food back to the den for the young.
  • Within Namibia, Brown hyaena are most abundant at the coast and will hunt seal pups during the pupping season.
  • Fresh drinking water is not essential for Brown hyaena.
  • Clans advertise their presence to other clans using paste marks and latrines.

The elusive, semi-striped, long-haired, night-walker - needs your help!! Help us to tackle the problems they face…

Remember, when you Sponsor a Brown hyena you will receive: 

  • Photos of your Brown hyaena
  • A personalized certificate of the Brown hyaena you are supporting
  • Regular AfriCat updates via fb, Instagram and Twitter, reminding you of the important cause you support 

 The perfect MYSTERY Gift, and the perfect BROWNIE point!

Feel good that you have not only celebrated with someone, but you have also put your money where your mouth is.



Sponsor Brown Hyaena


Sex:  Male

Age:  Adult

Clan:  Poort Clan, dominant male

Collared:  25th January 2018

Weight at collaring:  44.5kg

Importance to project:  This was the first brown hyena to be fitted with a GPS collar on the Okonjima Nature Reserve and provided the very first spatial data for the project and revealed the extent of the Poort Clan’s territory.


Sex:  Female

Age:  Adult

Clan:  Dam Lisa Clan

Collared:  8th February 2018

Weight at collaring:  46.3 kg

Importance to project:  This was the first female brown hyena to be collared, and was also the first member of the Dam Lisa Clan to be collared.  Her data showed the area covered by the Dam Lisa and clan and gave the research team an indication of the best place to dart another clan member.


Sex:  Male

Age:  Adult

Clan:  Airstrip Clan

Collared:  29th January 2018

Weight at collaring:  45.8 kg

Importance to project:  Being the second individual of the Poort Clan to be collared, this male confirmed total overlap between clan members.


Sex:  Female

Age:  Adult

Clan:  Ombujongwe Clan

Collared:  12th February 2018

Weight at collaring:  42.75 kg

Importance to project:  Currently the only member of the Ombujongwe Clan to be collared, this female was key in indicating the location of the clan’s den.


Sex:  Male

Age:  Adult

Clan:  Dam Lisa Clan

Collared:  15th March 2018

Weight at collaring:  45.35 kg

Importance to project:  This was the second member of the Dam Lisa Clan to be collared and helped further define the clan’s territory size.


Sex:  Female

Age:  Adult

Clan:  Oryx Dam Clan

Collared:  15th March 2018

Weight at collaring:  45.5 kg

Importance to project:  The first and currently only member of the Oryx Dam clan to be collared.  This female had recently given birth at the time of collaring and has given us detailed information about maternal behaviour and movement patterns.


Sex:  Male

Age:  Adult

Clan:  North Dam Clan

Collared:  5th June 2018

Weight at Collaring: 45 kg

Importance to project:  The first member of the North Dam Clan to be collared, this male revealed the extent of the territory.  Being covered in fresh wounds from a fight at the time of darting, the condition of this male hinted at the degree of competition between male brown hyenas on Okonjima.


Sex:  Female

Age:  Adult

Clan:  North Dam Clan

Collared:  15th March 2018

Weight at collaring:  43.25 kg

Importance to project:  The second member of the North Dam Clan to be collared, this female was key in revealing the location of the clan’s den.

How to Donate...

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Realising the importance of AfriCat’s projects, sponsorship is what keeps this Foundation alive, and support on an ‘ongoing basis’ – is what is considered by many to be the most effective way of helping a foundation achieve good work.

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