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Specialist International Veterinary Group Visit...

At the beginning of May this year an international veterinary group, comprising out Feline veterinary specialists, visiting the AfriCat Foundation Clinic.

The main focus was to observe how wild cats are looked at either in their natural environment or in their captive environment, the way of and their reaction to when immobilized, followed by a clinical examination and their recovery stages. This annual examination is legally required, ensuring that all carnivores kept in captivity are experiencing an excellent health status, alternative if first signs of an illness are identified, that immediate mitigating steps are taken to either improve or maintain a quality of life for the animals.

For some of these high profile women veterinarians it was the first time in Africa, the first time they touched a wild cat, which was for them “a dream to become true”.

The first sight of the to-be immobilized cat, the procedure of immobilization with the follow-up handling and physical touching experience, the methodology of examination was different to what they are performing and used to. All procedures undertaken were however known and familiar to them and very enthusiastic in observing and different questionings resulting out of these procedures.

Not only were they impressed of their first-time-experience but also that they could link-up, with the normal or special guided trails by car or on foot to see some of the animals roaming around in their natural environment enjoying total freedom.