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NAME: Peanut


AGE: (2018) 10 years

WEIGHT: (2013) 45.7 kg | (2014) 46.7 kg | (2015) 48.9 kg | (2016) 42 kg | (2017) 44.7 kg | (2018) 42.8 kg

ORIGIN: Omaruru



REASON FOR CAPTIVITY: Soon to be released if not too habituated. Peanut and his brother Raisin will remain in AfriCat’s care until space opens in the Okonjima Nature Reserve for their rehabilitation to start.

 Peanut is one of our cheetahs at AfriCat’s Carnivore Care Centre.

Peanut and his brother Raisin came to AfriCat when they were around a year old. They had been captured from the wild without their mother and then kept in captivity for around six months. The farm where they were being kept was sold and the new owners didn’t want them anymore and therefore contacted AfriCat to come and fetch them. They couldn’t be released onto farmland as they were too young and too habituated at the time.

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