AfriCat Outreach

The ‘Outreach’ segment of the AfriCat Environmental Education Programme is very important as it connects with many rurally-based children and young Namibians who do not get the opportunity to travel to educational facilities.

Most schools are based in the North of Namibia, and it is unrealistic for large numbers of students to make the trips down south to visit Okonjima Nature Reserve…. So, AfriCat visits them!

Another prong to the aim of filtering education through communities, is to invite teachers to the Centre’s, so that they become the conduit to larger groups.

Spreading the message of conservation in areas which experience the challenges of living with wildlife, carnivore conservation, livestock protection and ingrained approaches to farming is fundamental to the Outreach programme.

Offering simple, sustainable advice and education to farmers and their children, whilst offering alternative approaches to the management of lives and livestock is all part of the educational process in a bid to change behaviours.

Another goal of the Outreach events it so identify young people who engage positively with the conservation message, and would benefit|be interested in attending an AfriCat environmental camp to enhance his|her knowledge base.

One step at a time, making inroads into established thinking…