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Environmental Education Camps

The Environmental Education Campsite, PAWS (People And Wildlife Solutions) provides a base for hands-on practical study within the very environment that is at the heart of discussion!

Based in beautiful and life changing surroundings, the experiences at camp can be hugely significant to a young person’s perception of The Wild, and the wildlife who call it home.

AfriCat Head Quarter

 The 200 Km² Okonjima Nature Reserve provides a jaw dropping back drop to the AfriCat HQ environmental education camp, and enables the students to see large carnivores and prey species personally.

This sees university students taking advantage of the opportunity to experience ‘Island-bound Conservation’, and to absorb the message in situ.

Walking and sleeping in the bush, star gazing, night walks, sunrise|sunset walks, camp fires, game drives, learning about the flora and fauna, slide shows, periods of solitude and reflection, all contribute to this as being a formative experience – all building on the core message of wildlife conservation with emphasis on predator awareness and understanding.

AfriCat North

The AfriCat North ‘Conservation Through Education’ Programme encourages the youth and farming communities of the Kunene, as well as other Regions, to participate in our environmental education programmes, ultimately establishing a deep-seated awareness of environmental issues, attitude change and commitment to the conservation of wildlife.

 Based at a wilderness camp, students from the local and foreign schools, community members as well as farmers are also able to experience firsthand, the essence of wildlife conservation inside Hobatere and the Etosha National Park.

 Activities such as viewing of wildlife in its natural habitat, guided by the AfriCat Lion Guards (link); constructing a stock-kraal (link) for communal farmers; tracking the collared lions and monitoring their movement patterns; downloading camera-trap images; interaction with park wardens and tourists alike, are of lasting educational value.

 To date, over 30 000 school children and young people have been touched by the AfriCat Camps, Education Centres and the Outreach Programme…. Positively impacting understanding, empathy, respect, and attitudes; all contributing to the Holy Grail of ‘Attitude and Behaviour Change’ toward Namibian Wildlife.

Perivoli Okonjima Country School

Okonjima’s ‘early years’ Education

Okonjima Lodge supports and provides early schooling for the children of staff working within the Okonjima Nature Reserve.

The Perivoli Okonjima Country School aims to provide the best possible introductory schooling for Kindergarteners through to Grade 4, with a strong environmental bias.

Research shows that this early education is critical to a child’s development, and it is with this springboard that these children will enter mainstream schooling – with an underpinning of environmental awareness.

Together with this strong foundation and a focus on environmental education guided by AfriCat, their parents’ work and working environment will help to cement these children’s perception of the importance of wildlife, especially large predators, in the ecosystem.

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