Lion Lights - #LionLivesMatter

With a Lion Light – the Future is Bright’

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Sincere thanks to the ALL who supported the AfriCat Lion Lights crowd-funding effort during the second half of 2017.

With your support, we successfully raised sufficient funds to purchase 200 Lion Lights from Kenya that were transported overland to Namibia, reaching AfriCat by early January 2018.

The AfriCat Lion Guards have since met with farmers in the hardest hit lion conflict ‘hot-spots’, instructing them how to attach and maintain the Lion Lights to provide best effect; approximately 90% of the Lion Lights have now been deployed with at least another 500 units needed to protect livestock in their nocturnal kraals along the Hobatere southern, western and northwestern borders and Etosha’s southwestern and western boundaries with communal farmland.

These Lion Lights are still a novelty at this point, with no proof recoded in our study area as yet that they will prevent lions from coming close to livestock kraals or homesteads; AfriCat has been contacted from far and wide to provide this Kenyan-tried-and-tested, lion mitigation option; we are convinced that Namibian lions are no different to those in East Africa, that fear the blinking, flashing little lights in the darkness.

We shall keep our donors informed as to developments and hope to plan yet another fund-raising action soon, in order to provide more families with an inexpensive, yet effective solution to Human-Wildlife Conflict.

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