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Meet Ryan, The White Rhino...

Hello world!

My name is Ryan, and I’m a white rhino from Namibia. My friends and I, here, are just some of the many rhinos who live with constant fear of being killed for our horns. Being the fabulous ‘unicorn’ that I am, I’m taking the lead on rescuing our butts from our latest predicament. I’m used to standing up for myself and what’s right no matter what anybody thinks. I believe we should all be able to be who we are, live happily and not let fear rule our lives. I choose to let ‘FEAR’ stand for FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE

So here’s the situation… Someone wants to buy us so we can be hunted as trophies.
I’m urgently looking for funding so my friends and I, can buy our freedom and stay here, free and protected on Okonjima. I’m talking to YOU, potential ‘Daddies and Mamas’! It would be amazing if you could help my friends and I, be our ‘Rhino Knights’ and outbid those people who want to kill us for our horns!

The White Rhino is one of the most ancient species in the world, and is among the most threatened species in the world. Rhinos have many enemies, amongst those are: diminishing habitats, mainly due to costly protection programmes, poachers, and many more challenges, JUST TO STAY ALIVE!

Their horns are considered to be more valuable by weight than gold and diamonds, so poachers are constantly finding new ways to defeat and evade defensive measures to kill and harvest them. And because the rarity of non-de-horned rhinos is increasing, it is becoming more and more common for affluent ‘individuals’ to pay exorbitant fees in order to secure the rights to hunt ‘horned’ rhinos, fees that most conservation organisations can’t even begin to compete with, in order to save the lives of these endangered animals.

Since 2015, Okonjima has been privileged to act as the Guardians of these animals on behalf of their legal owner, keeping them safe. In fact, such arrangements with nature reserves are quite common here in Africa and typically benefit everyone involved. However, life is unpredictable, and these Rhino are now faced with a new threat: COVID-19 has wreaked economic havoc for most, and these young Rhino living in the Okonjima Nature Reserve, are now in danger of being sold for the hunt. As we all know, COVID has been hard on everyone, and the current owner of these Rhino is forced to sell them in order to deal with some financial hardships.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the highest bidders for these custodian Rhinos are trophy hunters. Both the Okonjima family and the current owner wish to avoid their sale as trophy animals, and this is where you come in.

Pre-COVID, Okonjima had plans in place to buy these animals, but the tragic slowdown of Namibia’s tourism industry has struck us hard as well, and it’s just not possible for us to do so, at this point.. and so we humbly ask for your help to raise the necessary funds in order to purchase these animals outright, allowing them to remain on Okonjima, safe and free within this private nature reserve, under the watchful eyes of their Guardians. If we are unable to raise the necessary amount, they will certainly be hunted!

What Is the Solution?

You can save their lives by donating to our campaign…

Okonjima has been given a window of opportunity to buy the freedom of these Rhino for a flat fee, and therefore become their permanent home, ensuring that they will continue to enjoy the freedom they have grown accustomed to. But, we need your help to raise the necessary funds.

Our Rhino benefit from vast, natural habitats in which to roam, while under the watchful protection of our Rhino Guardians, at the same time offering our guests the opportunity to view them and to learn more about their behaviour. Our aim is for them to remain here on Okonjima, where they can live without fear of being shot. With your help, we can save these lives, and if we surpass our goal, more wildlife may be supported and protected.

Thank you in advance, for helping us reach our goal by contributing at least the minimum donation: this will make you an honorary ‘Okonjima Rhino Ambassador’. However, if you would like to give more, please check out the other donation options below, that come with some amazing perks, including the ‘SugarDaddyPackage’, which will give you an exclusive 5 NIGHT Rhino Safari stay at the OKONJIMA private, BUSH SUITE.

Thank you so much. Together we can save the lives of these chubby unicorns!

Facts About the White Rhino

White Rhino are the second largest land mammal, also known as the square-lipped rhinoceros, white rhinos have a square upper lip with almost no hair. The majority (98.8%) of the southern white rhinos occur in just four countries: South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. Two genetically different subspecies exist, the northern and southern white rhino and are found in two different regions in Africa. White rhinos have complex social structures. Groups of sometimes 14 rhinos may form, notably females with calves. Adult males defend territories of roughly 3km² (depending on rainfall) which they mark with vigorously scraped dung piles.

Females reproduce only every two and a half to five years. Their single calf does not live on its own until it is about three years old. Rhinos have sharp hearing and a keen sense of smell. They may find one another by following the trail of scent each enormous animal leaves behind it on the landscape. White rhinos have two horns, the foremost more prominent than the other. Rhino horns grow as much as three inches a year, and have been known to grow up to five feet long. Females use their horns to protect their young, while males use them to battle attackers. The prominent horn for which rhinos are so well known has been their downfall. Many animals have been killed for this hard, hair-like growth, which is revered for medicinal use in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The horn is also valued in North Africa and the Middle East as an ornamental dagger handle.

It should be safe to stand out! LOVE IS ABOUT HEARTS - NOT PARTS.

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1. Rhino Mamma Package - 50k U$
(7 Available)

The SUGARDADDY package saves the life of one rhino, and as a thank you we would like to offer you a magical fully-inclusive 5 NIGHT rhino safari stay at the Okonjima’s private Bush Suite. Our Okonjima crew will attend to all your needs whilst you enjoy your exclusive guide and game-drive vehicle, thus setting the leisurely pace that bests suit you, your family or small group of friends, during your stay at Okonjima’s African House. This package gives you a unique safari experience with our rhinos. Enjoy your sunset walks with Ryan the Rhino, photographic hangouts in the bush, leopard tracking through the golden grass and watch the sunset from on a mountain top overlooking the reserve.

2. Rhino Daddy Package- 25k U$
(4 Available)

3 nights fully inclusive, at the Okonjima Bush Camp . This elegant Luxury Bush Camp is situated within the 2 000-ha enclosed wilderness area of Okonjima Nature Reserve. Each luxury bush camp chalet has its very own ‘Sala’, where you can relax, have an ice-cold drink, tea or coffee and enjoy the wildlife as it passes.
Also included in the “Big Daddy” package is one-on-one experience with Ryan the Rhino, either from a distance, or if you prefer to dust off those walking shoes and follow the rhinos for a real bushveld experience.

3. Rhino Van Gogh 5k U$
(5 Available)

A exclusive black and white CANVAS print of a RHINO shot by Paul Martens.

4. Sansana Bush Retreat 3k U$
(2 Available)

The SanSana Bush Retreat is a 7 day immersive and transformative journey to rewild, heal and reconnect.
Together with the San, the oldest tribe in the world, we invite you to experience their age-old rituals and healing traditions by following their tracks, absorbing their knowledge whilst taking in the immense beauty of nature.
Join us as we travel into the sacred African wilderness to explore the natural world and dive into the notion of rewilding – tapping into the knowledge of the ancients to better understand ourselves. At SanSana we integrate ancient healing for modern life.

5. Chubby Unicorn Shirt - 150 U$ (50 Available)

Ryan the Rhino T-shirt and shout out on Instagram.

6. Step- Daddy Package- 10k U$
(7 Available)

The STEP DADDY gives you the sole adoption and naming of a RHINO. When you adopt a white rhino you will be able to name your rhino, receive a certificate, factsheets, photos and a personalised video of your rhino, plus regular updates on their progress.

7.Spirit Animal Reading -
500 U$

Everyone has a spirit animal. In this reading you will find tips on how to find, connect and develop a meaningful relationship with your spirit or power animal and how to integrate it as a totem in your everyday life.

8. Cyber-Daddy- 250U$
(50 Available)

Receive a personalised video from Ryan the rhino and a shout out on Instagram.

9. Rhino Wall of Fame
1k U$
(7 Available)

Your name engraved on the RHINO WALL OF FAME at Okonjima.

10. Rhino Lover - 50 U$

Shout out on instagram.

11. Rhino Guardian Certificate-
25 U$

You will receive a rhino guardian certificate with your name on via email.