We have an exciting payment option for EFT/Bank Transfer payments.

When you pay via EFT you are a winner, because . . .

  • Your payment will incur ZERO SWIFT or Transfer fees
  • There is zero commissions
  • Excellent Exchange Rates that beat the bank
  • Pay in your own local currency into a local bank account in your own country

Follow these steps to proceed for EFT:


Country Paying From: This is the country your bank account is held. 
Payer Type: 
First Name: 
Last Name: 
Passport/ID Number: 
Payment Method: EFT
Transfer Reason: Choose donation or other.
Invoice Currency: Namibian Dollars (NAD) 
Invoice Amount: This is the EXACT amount in Namibian Dollars that we have quoted you

Payment Reference Type: Just leave on Booking Reference.
Payment Reference: Simply write your name and the word donation, or anything to identify what your payment is. 
Your Email Address: 
Your Country of Residence: 
Your Mobile Number: 
Your City: 
Your Address: 

Your Postal Code: 
Click on “Get Quote”

You will then be given the exact amount you will be paying in your Local Currency into the Local Bank Account in your country.

Once you have set up your payment you will be given a unique reference number and the Exchange4Free bank account located in your home country. This account is where you must pay the amount owing, which will have been converted to your local currency quoted by Exchange4Free. Please make payment as soon as possible after you have set up your payment.

Please could you send us a Proof of Payment once you have made the local transfer. It’s as simple as that!

Please click on the pay now button below to complete your transaction with AfriCat.

Payment Gateway 
You can pay your donation or adoption fees either by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or by credit card. This is a secure online payment gateway, so please click the ‘make a payment now’ button if you would like to continue.

Payment options are as follows:

  1. EFT/Bank Transfer payments 
    – Simply make a payment in your local currency into a local bank account in your own country. 
    – This is the most affordable way to pay: with zero international bank charges or commission and great exchange rates. 
    – You can request a quote to compare to other forms of payment.

2. Credit card payments 
– Pay with your credit or debit card via our secure online payment gateway. 
– Using this method, your card details remain completely secure. 
– We accept payments for all VISA and Mastercard cardholders using this method.