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The AfriCat Foundation

Founded in 1991, The AfriCat Foundation is committed to the long-term conservation and survival of Namibia’s Large Carnivores in their natural habitat

Our mission is to make a significant contribution to Conservation Through Education.

The Challenge
To break the vicious cycle within farming communities, whereby wildlife is persecuted and destroyed as the first option to solving Human Wildlife Conflict. To encourage, through 'Education', a change of mind-set, from outdated, less successful farming methods, to innovative, sustainable livestock management, which will allow for tolerance and co-existence with so called 'conflict' wildlife such as Lion and Elephant.
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Learn more about our projects and ways in which you can help us make a difference for the carnivores of Namibia. AfriCat undertakes the responsibility of various projects ranging from environmental education, research, rehabilitation as well as community support and human wildlife conflict mitigation…


In this day and age, all great causes need great support… it is a fact that funds are needed to achieve goals. AfriCat is no different! Donations are what keep our programmes, our community outreach and research initiatives going, especially those which are of an ‘ongoing’ nature.

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We are always thinking of new ways to raise funds for our projects. Keep an eye out for updates on this page and latest fundraiser ideas where you could help make a difference and get involved.

Conservation News

GPS Tracking Collars and the Early-Warning System can protect Lions & keep Livestock Safe, in the joint-hands of Farmers & the AfriCat Lion Guard Team.

AfriCat’s mission is to monitor and understand lion population dynamics and migratory patterns in north-west Namibia.

Find out more about our latest Fundraiser & how YOU can make a DIFFERENCE!!! 

There has been minimal research completed within Namibia, for this reason, AfriCat is launching the AfriCat Pangolin Project aimed at studying all details of life for the ground pangolin in Namibia.  The overall aim of this project is to understand the activity patterns, population dynamics, prey selectivity, and overall ecology of wild pangolin within Okonjima Nature Reserve and to gather further information about their behaviour and survival strategies

CYMOT is a proud supporter of the AfriCat Foundation, which focuses on long term conservation of Namibia’s large carnivores.

“Our environment and the animals are one of Namibia’s greatest assets, hence it is crucial for us at CYMOT to be part in helping to preserve this valuable asset.

The equipment that was supplied to AfriCat to the value over N$ 100 000 will hopefully assist them in continuing their great work.”

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